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I’m a summer gal, through and through. (I think this maaayyyy be obvious??)

I just find so much energy and lightness and joy with the longer days, the fresh air, the warm sun on my skin. And a small tinge of sadness always comes in when summer comes to a close each year. Just a little bit, like saying goodbye to a dear friend you won’t see for a while.

I think it’s okay to acknowledge that some transitions aren’t as easy as others. We’ve had MANY of those transitions this year, haven’t we?

And while I love the sunny days of summer spent eating blueberries on the patio with Noah and harvesting my bursting-at-the-seems lettuces in the garden, I’ve found that intentionally moving into fall with awareness and a focus on rituals makes this period so much smoother. And meaningful.

And so much of this revolves around deciding to not let life just happen to you. To be more involved in the shifts in season and routines and life, and not to just watch them as they arrive and pass by.

The bottom line is always: to be thoughtful about where your time and energy are going. To stay connected to the things that matter to you most, and the things that inspire and lift you up, regardless of the time of year or other things outside of your control going on around you.

That you are in control of your experience of life, your beliefs, and how you perceive things.

So why not bring in more good, and build momentum behind the things that bring you joy?

For me, changes in season are always a great time to REFOCUS on the big pictures… but also create ways to stop and just delight in daily life.

Each and every season brings little nuances and special pieces about it to appreciate, be it different types of food or routines or weather or whatever else.

So let’s talk easing into fall, and how to do it with meaning, and grace, and awareness, and joy. In whatever ways possible.

Here are the rituals I lean on to start fall more intentionally:

01. Setting new intentions:

Yes, yes, yes. One of my favorite rituals EVER. I do this with each new season (find my exact process right here), sometimes even twice a season if I find I need it. Once I have my list down, I can return to it to review every day or just a few times a week. As reminders to stay connected to the bigger picture, as perspective that every little choice and thought and action adds up. It’s the best way I’ve found to stay clear and connected to my larger vision in life and to tangibly continue stepping toward it.

02. Finding seasonal new recipes to try:

There’s nothing more JOY FILLING then playing with new recipes, new ingredients, new seasonal produce that’s ripe for the picking. You guys know my love affair with my summer garden was a bright spot the last few months, but I gotta say…. fall produce has a lot going for it.

All the squash and pumpkin and deep green kales, yum yum. Heartier veggies and rich, warming soups? Sign me up. My 1st and 2nd cookbooks both have some amazing fall-centric recipes that are so soo good. And this lentil veggie curry soup? The best for fall (like ever).

03. Journaling:

It doesn’t matter whether you think of yourself as a “writer” or “creative”…. journaling is for everyone. Yes, you too! It is THE only way I can get real, raw clarity from my thoughts/emotions/feelings/blocks/excitements etc. I just need a spot to jot it all down, unedited and unorganized so that I can clear my own energetic space and make room for more understanding and growth going forward.

Journaling between seasons is a game changer because WE change and shift and morph with the seasons, and reflecting on the past few months while looking ahead at what’s coming can be so beautiful and impactful. Here’s a few prompts if you’re not sure what to write about:

  • “As we transition from summer to fall, these are the things I want to keep doing ____ . And these are the things I want to clear/let-go of or leave behind ____”
  • “I’m most excited to spend time doing more ____ this fall. Because ___”
  • “My mission/mantra/words to live by for this new season ahead is….”
  • “Here are the things that are rejuvenating to me right now, and that I want to make the time and space for this season ______”

04. Cleaning out closets/drawers/your car:

There’s something almost magical about clearing out the clutter. I’m serious! Take a half a day and just go through those pockets of your home that tend to get ignored (or stuffed with excess). Be ruthless with your space and what you hold energy for: if you never use it and know you probably won’t, put it in a toss out or donation pile.

When WE hang onto things we don’t need/want/have room for, it clutters our minds and hearts just as much as our homes. It becomes heavy to carry. And it messes with our peace, so why not get rid of it and let someone else make use of what you don’t really need?

05. Checking in and adjusting your self-care practices:

A good thing about changes in season & weather is we can adjust our self-care routines with what’s going on around us. On chilly days there’s nothing I love more than a warm epsom salt bath and my favorite face mask (like I told you all about in last week’s post on my quarantine night routine here).  I look at things like my supplement routine too (adding in liquid vitamin d, and more vitamin c to boost my immune season).

Plus switching up my natural skincare products: adding in some more rich face serums, body butters (I’m obsessed with this one in the Fall), and moisturizers (this is my newest favorite for my face, it’s insane). Ditto on my essential oils: I like to find a fun seasonal scent for my office diffuser or nightly routine. Right now, I’m so excited about this one from Primally Pure’s new Fall home line.

06. Trying a new workout:

Muscle memory is REAL. And workout ruts are too. If you ever feel like you’re just going through the motions of your workouts or can’t quite motivate yourself to make it to the mat… may I suggest trying something new and challenging? Sweating is a NATURAL detoxer. And getting uncomfortable is the best way we can grow and develop more resiliency. Finding new ways to sweat and staying inspired to move can be so freeing in the transition from season to season.

07. Reorganizing the pantry/fridge & tossing the old/restocking what you need:

Just like our closets and junk drawers, our food spaces can get cluttered and filled with things we forget about, too. Our routines change with the season, so how we nourish our bodies should shift just as much! Go through the depths of your pantry and fridge, pull things out you want to be sure you’ll use and toss things out that you know just won’t make it onto the plate (or donate to your local food pantry if you can).

Then… restock the staples and items you know you’ll use and need all fall long (I love this part– it’s literally so nourishing to fill your home with whole, real foods that you know will sustain you through a new season). And if you need some ideas, here is my full printable checklist of all my favorite pantry items to inspire you.

08. Finding new podcasts/audio books to enjoy:

This year has been even more focused on internal growth and learning for me… I think so much time at home + so many big, heavy things happening in the world has pushed me to want a deeper understanding not just of what’s happening around me, but also within me. You too?

In new seasons, I love to pick out a few new pods and audio books to add to my list of “what to listen to” during my morning walks and evening cooking seshes. Bringing in uplifting, encouraging voices and fresh outside perspectives is such a powerful way to lean into the newness of another season.

New fav’s I’ve found so far I’m excited about for Fall: (podcasts): The Gabby Reece Show & The Sakara Life Podcast; (books on my nightstand): The Feel Good Effect by my friend Robyn Conley Downs (listen to our latest podcast we did together here), and Vibrate Higher Daily by Lalah Delia.

09. Getting needed gear for the new season:

It’s no secret….. I LOVE & live for warmer weather. But the thing that made me so much more okay with cooler seasons was actually taking the time/intention to invest in quality colder weather gear that allows me to still get outside + soak in the fresh air even in chilly/rainy months.

I find that having a super warm coat (a waterproof one for rain and a few puffy ones I love for no rain), cute rainboots, cute waterproof hiking style/snow boots, umbrellas that work, and things like a rain stroller cover really helps me get outside, get fresh air and ultimately say YES to a lot more things that help my overall outlook, energy, mood and take some time for myself. If you guys want, I can do a roundup on these, so let me know below or over at @simplyrealhealth on instagram. 

10. Making a seasonal & fun bucket list:

With so much getting canceled and postponed this year, taking a little bit of control back around what you CAN look forward to is so, so important! I love to make a list of seasonal must-dos that add some light to a new time of year. Some of mine this fall? Making the real pumpkin spice latte, going apple picking somewhere, planning another (drive-able) vacation,  sitting around a warm fire outside with my people (snuggled under about a hundred blankets, of course ? ), etc.

What are YOU looking forward to with the fresh season on the horizon? Tell me in a comment below!

One other good thing about fall? It’s time to simplify everything.

Check out the Easiest Dinner Meal Plan here: it’s 4 weeks of healthy dinners, all planned & done for you, from my kitchen to yours.

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