20 Back To School Healthy Kids Snacks

Are you looking for super yummy snack ideas for kids to add to a school lunch box? Here are 20 Healthy Back To School Kids Snacks that your kids will LOVE! All recipes are made with WHOLESOME ingredients and without refined sugar. Easy to make with pantry ingredients!

With just a few days before our kids are heading back to school, it’s time to start planning not only school stuff – like books and clothes, but also school lunches and snack ideas for kids… because kiddos LOVEEE snacks, right?! And we shouldn’t deprive them of having a sweet treat in school. School is tough, and energy is always needed.

This year I suggest you skip store-bought stuff loaded with sugar and artificial stuff, and encourage your kids to have a healthier snack – a healthy homemade back to school snacks packed only with nutrients and mummy love.

From Peanut Butter Coconut Balls to Double Chocolate Banana Muffins and beautiful Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies, here are 20 incredibly easy and super tasty Healthy Back To School Kids Snacks ideas, both moms and kiddos will love.

All these healthy snacks for kids are made with WHOLESOME ingredients, nutritious, and refined-sugar free. Just like healthy snacks for kids should be. Enjoy!

This post is originally published in August, 2018, but it’s updated with new recipes and images. 

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