9 Tell-Tale Signs Your Relationship Is Going Somewhere, From Experts

Based on the aforementioned signs, you likely have a gut feeling on what stage of the relationship you’re in.

If you want your relationship to move forward but the signs aren’t there, it might be time to take action: “If you’re in a place where you were unsure if things are static or growing, it might call for you being more vulnerable,” Page suggests. If you’re interested in things growing, he says, find ways to let the other person know this. “Let them know what you appreciate about them, that’s been proven to be a real aphrodisiac!” he says. “You can even let the other person know verbally that your feelings are deepening and see how the other person responds.”

Good ol’ healthy communication goes a long way in these situations. Don’t be afraid to bring it up. “We think we need to figure all of this out in our own head,” Page says, “but often just speaking with the other person illumines what’s really going on for them.”

If you do see your relationship moving forward, it may be worth having a conversation to define the relationship together to make sure you’re on the same page.

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