A Case For A Bedtime Skin Care Routine Way Before Bed: A Derm Explains

You may know this already, but let’s drill it in: There is no hard and fast rule that says you have to do your nighttime skin care routine minutes before crawling under the covers. Some sort of evening cleanse is crucial (you’ll want to remove grime at the end of the day, even if you don’t feel necessarily dirty), but the exact hour is totally arbitrary.

You might think snuggling into the couch or a smooch from your S.O. might smudge off your moisturizer or require another wash, but—as Landriscina reassures in a comment—this is simply untrue. Once you’re home for the night, feel free to cleanse and carry on.

That said, if you frequently find yourself dragging your feet to the sink, consider scheduling your routine earlier in the evening—like after work or dinner—when you’re not so worn out. Landriscina also suggests leaving products you start with (like that trusty micellar water) in clear sight. “Say, in front of the television or on your nightstand,” he offers. (On that note, you might want to keep other oft-forgotten products—like, say, sunscreen—in those familiar “hotspots,” if visual reminders are helpful for you.)

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