A Neurologist On The Importance Of Sleep For Managing Headaches

To improve sleep quality, look to your body’s circadian rhythm. “Our brain is a circadian organ,” Ruhoy says. “It thrives on that circadian rhythm. We’re technically meant to rise with the sun, go sleep with the sun, and do regular meals, and so on. It’s very hard to simulate that in modern day […] but the best that we can simulate that, the better off we’ll be.”

To do this, she says, the biggest thing you can do is go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning. It’s also not a bad idea to think about eating around the same times every day, too. On top of that, you can consider things like black out curtains in the evening, or an alarm clock that simulates natural light, to work with your circadian rhythm.

“Getting in preparation for sleep is super important,” she adds, “because that tells the body it’s almost time for sleep.” And equally important, she notes, is getting sunlight early in the day. “It’s a message to the brain that this is the morning time, this is a brand new day. Getting outdoors, even for 20 minutes—early in the morning, before around 10am—is what I always recommend.”

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