A Potent 3-Step Manifestation Process That Puts Archetypes Into Action

The rebel can walk away from something to start something new anytime, just like at some point you will have to energetically walk away from your attachment to the outcome of your manifestation.

The rebel is unattached to people’s or culture’s opinions of them, and they, therefore, represent a general vibe of nonattachment that is useful in manifestation. Being able to authentically surrender something, whether it’s which publisher will buy your novel or the status of a romantic relationship, is actually a very attractive energy.

When you can really reach a level of healthy detachment and put some emotional space between you and your manifestation—instead of white-knuckling it or what Buddhists call clinging—you’ve reached a very powerful place. Surrender represents the ability to give it up to God, the Goddess, the universe, etc., and be at peace with the fact that you do have limited control over any manifestation outcome. Channel your inner rebel with folks who are true originals like RuPaul or spiritual teachers who specialize in surrender like Tosha Silver.

Keep in mind that manifestation journeys are rarely linear. You will probably find yourself cycling in and out of these archetypes, like riding a river—there are times to steer and paddle and times to put up your oars and let the river take you.

Pro-tip: Use your clairvoyant psychic pathway (seeing intuitive guidance as an image in your mind) to give you a clue about which archetype to emphasize now. Which person do you see in your mind’s eye? The one who represents your hero, rebel, or mystic archetype?

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