Assertiveness Tips & Understanding

Assertiveness – Confident & forceful behavior


  1. Perceived Benefit – Reality v/s Assumption

2. Life Scripts – Behavior controlled subconsciously

3. Self-talk – Keep saying it until it becomes true

4. Rights – Stand up for your right

5. Responsibility – Handle Situations , You are responsible for your actions

6. Mistakes – Learn, forget, drive on

7. Self- Awareness –

  • You can change your behavior if you are aware of it
  • How well am I handling this situation?

8.  Facing aggression –

  • Remain calm
  • Pick the person upon that
  • I notice, I interpret, Am I right?

9. Taking criticism – Tell me more about what are you unhappy about?

10. Giving criticism –

  • Bad Idea
  • Change a person’s behavior

11. The word to use: 4 step process: I  understand, I feel, I want, Is that okay?

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