Atopic Dermatitis – Charmadala Kushta: Case Study

Charmadala is grouped into minor skin diseases (Kshudra kushta) in Ayurveda. It is compared with Atopic dermatitis.

Features – Ayurveda

Reference: Charaka Samhita Kushta Chikitsa – 7th chapter.
Shape and Appearance – Charmadala Kushta presents with boils with itching and redness all around the lesion.
Signs –
Raktam – Redness around the boils
Sphotam – Boils

Predominant Symptoms
Kandu – Itching
Ruja – Pain
Dalati – erosions or cracks in the skin
Samsparsha Asaha – Tenderness, the person doesn’t allow the afflicted part of skin to be touched

Dosha Predominance – Pitta and Kapha Doshas

Case Study

Treated by Dr Amrita at Sharada Ayurvedic Hospital, Mangaluru.

Age – 13 yrs
date of first visit- 7/10/19

Patient complained of pinkish red skin lesion in both the foot, along with pain and oozing since few months. Unable to wear shoes or chappal due to pain and oozing. History suggested, he passes motion once in two – three days, reduced appetite and he was 27 kgs very less for his height, and age.

Charmadala kusta, where the lakshanas like colour, itching, appearance of bullae, and untouchable pain directly can be diagnosed with the symptoms of the patient.
Aragwadadi kashaya 3 spoon with 6 spoons of water is given twice a day before food, with that panchavalkala tablet 3 times a day after food is given.
Jeevantyadi yamakam ointment is given for application.
Before application of ointment panchavalkala kashaya wash was advised.
The same line of medication is given for 21 days.
Caution: For education purpose only. Do not self medicate.

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