Benefits of Acai Bowls | How They Will Save Your Life

Maybe not save your life, but definitely, maybe, probably help in some ways. Or at least contribute to a delicious breakfast. Idk, up to you, but the benefits of açaí bowls are real.

If you’ve ever clicked on the “explore” tab on Instagram (or left the Midwest, in my case) you’ve probably seen an acai bowl, and of all the food trends and fads that come and go (looking at you, sushi burrito), this one should stay. Aside from looking fancy AF and colorful (and we already know how important it is to eat the rainbow – fruits & veggies, not Skittles) these thick acai-based smoothies in bowls are packed with healthy nutrition!
  1. Acai berries are packed with antioxidants (more than that of other more commonly eaten berries) and other health benefits. Acai is super heart-healthy by supporting balanced cholesterol levels via its anthocyanins and by supporting circulation via plant sterols.
  2. Probably what you wanted to read: it supports weight loss! Studies have shown that acai stimulates weight loss, reduces total body fat and aids in redistribution of body fat. Some of this is contributed by the high fiber content, which also reduces the appetite.
  3. Acai has strong detoxifying properties as well. Its fiber promotes absorption of nutrients and helps regulate your pooping process, reducing constipation and other issues. So, for the younger crowd who eats or drinks something like the opposite of an acai bowl during those late nights, these bowls can work some magic for your body.
  4. Another benefit of the high antioxidant and vitamin c content – healthy skin! Eating acai can lessen signs of aging in your skin by fighting cell-damaging free radicals and with its anti-inflammatory properties, it can help with acne.
In other words – eat up, beautiful people! Just don’t add a bunch of sugary ingredients to mute the amazing attributes that these fruits come with. Maybe make these smoothies and bowls at home – just throw some frozen fruits and veggies, our Epic Protein or Drinkable Oats, and water or a nut milk into your blender – that way you’ll know exactly what you’re consuming.

Zabrina Tamarkin

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