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WHO Says Africa Polio Free

WHO recently certified African Continent as polio free. Article contains information about polio virus and how Africa eradicated the virus.

Telemedicine – A Bubble?

A lot has been said about Telemedicine, now as the nation wide lock-down eases, will telemedicine stay?

Why I Prefer Sales over Marketing? – Pharma Sales vs Pharma Marketing

Why I choose Sales over marketing? That’s not a million dollar question. It’s very simple it’s just that I enjoy the overall sales process. There are many attributes attached while you select your passion and profession. The million-dollar question is what’s right for you? To make the right choice you should be aware of the …

Why I Prefer Sales over Marketing? – Pharma Sales vs Pharma Marketing Read More »

Marketing NOOB

Wondered, what marketing is? How it works and how it applies to your business?

This article will be breaking down exactly what marketing is, how it all works, and why it’s such a important subject.

Pharmaceutical Marketing – A lot better than FMCG

This piece contains difference between pharma marketing and FMCG marketing. Author tried to highlight how FMCG marketing is more complex and how to make big brands in pharmaceutical Industry.

New Education Policy- India, 2020

This article address the new education policy of India. This education policy are modified after over 30 years.
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