Cold Water Therapy & Hot Coffee: A GI Doc Shares His Morning Routine Essentials

Most mornings can benefit from a cup of coffee, but that doesn’t mean every morning should start with a cup of coffee. 

“Something that’s become a big game-changer for me is starting the morning off with two large glasses of water,” Bulsiewicz says. “I have not given up coffee. I will not give up coffee. I’ve just found that my body responds better when I reach for water first.” 

Think about it. To avoid waking up in the middle of the night to pee, urologist Vannita Simma-Chiang, M.D., recommends taking a final sip of water about three hours before bed. If people follow that rule, by the time they wake up, about 11 hours will have passed without any source of hydration.

“Your body needs that water to start working properly,” Bulsiewicz says. “My brain, my gut, and my kidneys all seem to function better when I start with water instead of coffee.” 

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