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Billionaire and entrepreneur Elon Musk recently let out a statement saying that neither he nor his family would be taking a Covid vaccine shot. He joins the list of growing disbelievers from the anti-vaxxers community, who are refusing to believe in the working of a Covid vaccine and are likely to contribute to a big problem in the future.

A large percentile of people are skeptical of a Covid vaccine, fuelling theories that vaccines are a way for authorities (and billionaires) to ‘track citizens, claiming that vaccines will come with inbuilt microchips.

A similar claim was making rounds a few months ago when some anti-vaxxers claimed that certain ‘chemicals’ present in the vaccine would serve a dubious purpose by tracking those who are administered the vaccine.

While almost 150 medical research groups are racing against time to dole out a vaccine, a recent post is now going viral warning people to not take a vaccine, citing an engineer’s claims.

The post, which, strangely, has also been shared widely on Facebook reads: “A project engineer who made the microchip that will soon be implemented along with the Covid vaccine WARNS US NOT TO TAKE IT. Please listen carefully to his story and his message in this video… After watching, please share also to save lives. God bless!”

Ever since it has been gaining a lot of traction on the internet. It has also been reportedly making rounds as Whatsapp forwards.

What you should know

Not only is the video in question absolutely FALSE, it is also unrelated to Covid. A news agency reported that the video dates back to 2002 when there was no evidence of Covid-19 infecting humans, or a vaccine was being developed.

Secondly, the claim about microchips holds no ground. Vaccines are developed with strong doses of medicines which offer a preventive shield against the virus, blocking its entry. A conspiracy theory about microchips was also proven false by an international health agency.

Growing hesitancy from anti-vaxxers community

While there’s a group of people who are waiting for a miracle or vaccine to roll out, anti-vaxxers, or those who believe that vaccines aren’t natural are against inoculation of any kind. From conspiracy theories, chemicals and terming forced vaccination to be a planned move, there will be people who refuse to take a vaccine. A recent report cited that nearly 40% of Americans are still hesitant to take a vaccine, despite high Covid-19 numbers. Similar negative trends have been observed in other European countries and there’s fleeting awareness in India too. Not only could it fuel vaccine failure rates, but it could also mean that a part of the population won’t be immunized, exposing them to vulnerabilities of the virus.

The only way to negate their fears and any vaccine hesitancy is to roll out a safer vaccine, which goes through exhaustive testing and would work for all. This would be able to answer all worries and help those against vaccination, to get administrated by a vaccine.

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