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International Business And Culture is a book devoted to the effects of culture on international business operations. Many costly errors have been made by international businesses that have not realized the extent to which the needs and behaviors of consumers and employees vary among regions and nations. Change has created many conflicts between the established ways and the introduction of new ideas and different behaviors. As firms further their internationalization efforts more and more employees will find that they are being exposed to greater cultural diversity. This is increasingly the case due to efforts to expand hiring of indigenous persons to staff “foreign” locations. Often new managers from foreign subsidiaries are provided training in the domestic offices exposing not only them, but also those around them, to different ways of thinking. This internationalization of the workplace has placed increased pressures on human resource departments, managers and staff. As such, companies will find it increasingly difficult to respond to differing languages, values and perceptions in a manner that maximizes diverse personal qualities and achieves company goals. As Internet use, international travel and communication speed all increase it is certainly reasonable to assume that the velocity at which cultures collide will increase as well. The seven articles included in this book provide valuable insights into dealing with these issues.

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