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Panaji: Instead of self-isolating without knowing one’s health status, doctors recommend that people who suspect they have Covid-19 should get tested to save precious time in the event of their condition deteriorating.

“Some families who have gotten sick have decided not to get tested. They’ve preferred to stay at home and self-isolate. This is not advisable,” a government doctor said. “If one does test positive for Covid-19, the government permits home isolation where doctors monitor one’s condition and are available on call. But if someone doesn’t get tested and his condition worsens at home, time will be wasted.”

The health department’s daily Covid-19 bulletin has been releasing data of people being brought dead or visiting the hospital late, resulting in them succumbing to the deadly virus within hours of being admitted. There are also many patients, including their families, who are not aware of their status at all and test positive for Covid-19 post mortem.

The government doctor warned that if a patient turns critical and his status is not known, he will first be treated as a suspect and admitted to the suspect ward before tests are done.

Testing is also available in private hospitals if people are apprehensive of visiting government-run healthcare facilities,” the doctor said.

Getting oneself tested also goes a long way in containing the infection. Another healthcare professional said that if, upon being tested, a patient opts for home isolation or gets admitted in a Covid care centre, it would protect several others, especially the elderly and vulnerable at home.

The government has stated that people who at a higher risk of developing complications due to Covid-19 are smokers, those above the age of 60 years and those with non-communicable diseases including cardiovascular disease (heart attack/stroke), chronic respiratory disease, diabetes and cancer.

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