Entrepreneur 5 P.M. to 9 A.M.: Launching a Profitable Start-Up without Quitting Your Job

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You have a job and an idea for a business. What do you do then? Crisp, reader-friendly and practical, Entrepreneur 5 P.M. to 9 A.M. tells you how you can become an entrepreneur even if you have a full-time job and are risk-averse. With facts, flowcharts and illustrations, this is a fast and super-useful read, from which you will come away with a clear and solid road-map for converting your idea into a viable enterprise and taking your venture from zero to launch. With case studies, anecdotes and easy-to-follow guidelines, this book:

  • Tells you how you can realize your dream of being an entrepreneur even if you have a full-time job
  • Provides you with widely tested and proven methods that dramatically reduce risks of failure
  • Shows how you can make your product a profitable one even before significant investments are made
  • Discusses how you can increase the valuation of your start-up in order to successfully obtain funding
  • Explains how you can align your business goals with wider life goals and leverage your personal strengths
  • Tells you how to launch a start-up that you will enjoy building.

Read this book if you’ve ever had an idea that you want to turn into a profitable business endeavor.

From the Publisher

Business, Strategy & Management (Books),Business Self-HelpBusiness, Strategy & Management (Books),Business Self-Help

Conversation with Kanth Miriyala & Reethika Sunder


Preface: Welcome to the Journey! ix

1. Zero to Launch: The Roadmap 1 2. The SP Story 4

3. A Disclaimer 9

4. You! 11

5. The Fear Factor 14

6. A Fuzzy Calendar 18

7. No Money 21

8. What Do You Really Want? 26

9. Strengths, Passions and Making Money: The Sweet Spot 29

Business, Strategy & Management (Books),Business Self-HelpBusiness, Strategy & Management (Books),Business Self-Help

10. Changing Core Values: Types of Business 11. Finding a Mentor 44

12. When and Why to Have a Co-Founder 47

13. Finding and Signing a Co-Founder 51

14. The Evolution of Internet and Mobile Technologies 54

15. Evolution of Methodologies for Creating Start-ups 57

16. Experimenting with and Testing Unknown Parameters 65

17. Determining the Problem 74

18. Observing 77

19. Smart Asking and Listening 80

20. Using Use Cases (a.k.a. ‘Stories’) 82

Business, Strategy & Management (Books),Business Self-HelpBusiness, Strategy & Management (Books),Business Self-Help

21. Talking about Your Own Problems 22. Beware… 23. Analysis of Data 92

24. The Power of Brightspot Analysis: Jerry Sternin’s Story 95

25. Living with Black Swans 100

26. The Four Actions Framework from Blue Ocean Strategy 103

27. Geoffrey Moore’s Crossing the Chasm 106

28. Habits and Virality 109

29. Inbound Marketing 113

30. Stepping Back: Let’s Summarize Our Trip 118

30. Major, Common Mistakes of First-Time Entrepreneurs 120

31. The Mindset of an Entrepreneur 124

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