Five Foods To Avoid Before Bed (And Five Foods You SHOULD Eat!)

If you always seem to have a hankering for a bedtime snack or drink, don’t just grab the first thing that sounds good. All nutritional value aside (although definitely still important), some foods can actually help your sleep, while others can disrupt it. And nothing is more annoying than lying awake for hours, knowing how weary and exhausted you’ll be the next day. Here are five foods to avoid before bed:

Boozing may bring on a bit of drowsiness, which may seem beneficial to helping you fall into a slumber, but the reality is that consuming alcohol makes you more likely to wake during the night and feel less rested in the morning.

Caffeinated beverages
This one is probably a bit obvious, but people differ in terms of sensitivity. It’s important to get in tune with your own body and understand just how early you need to put down the pot of coffee. Instead, find a caffeine-free tea to sip on once the late-evening hits.

Dark chocolate
Although loaded with healthy antioxidants, dark chocolate contains caffeine and another stimulant called theobromine. One bar, for instance, may be equivalent to as much as a half-ounce of espresso. (See above ^^^)

Spicy foods
Spicy foods before bedtime can cause indigestion, heartburn and (believe it or not) nightmares in some cases. Even if you feel as though you’re tough enough to stomach it (literally), spicy foods tend to elevate body temperatures, often leading to an uncomfortable and restless night.

Processed foods
Simply put, processed foods are a burden on the digestive system. Late-night consumption is an especially terrible idea, as the liver and kidneys being overworked are typically what create sleep disruption in the first place.


Skip the melatonin pills and lavender on your pillow; here are five foods you should eat before bed:

Eating a banana will increase your intake in nutrients that optimize a good slumber. Specifically, bananas are rich in magnesium and potassium, which help to relax muscles, and also contain serotonin making it a sleep superstar. Peel one back before peeling back the sheets.

Calorie-dense and loaded with Omega-3s and healthy fats, almonds also contain tryptophan, which helps to naturally reduce nerve function. When hunger strikes, munch on a small handful as a before-bedtime snack.

Just one small teaspoon of raw honey is enough to shut off the production of orexin, a neuropeptide which helps keep us awake and alert. Honey also supports the liver in processing toxins effectively. (See above ^^^) Mix a drop or two into a mug of warm lemon water or nut mylk.

We know what you’re thinking- “but oatmeal is more of a traditional breakfast food.” Rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, the whole grains in oats also encourage insulin production and raise blood sugar. Shake up some Equivalent Drinkable Oats : Spice to help you wind down at night.

Cherries are one of the few natural sources of melatonin and not only help to increase total sleep time but also sleep quality. Make a small glass of tart cherry juice your go-to bedtime beverage.

Our point? Your choice of midnight snack is undoubtedly linked to your sleep cycle. Tired of restlessness? Get your eight hours in by avoiding and/or consuming these foods and drinks before turning in. Sweet dreams!

Paige Maier

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