Hydrate Your Skin While Boosting Creativity

From our Live Be Yoga Partner

Making time for simple rituals and routines that provide energy and wellness throughout our busy day can help keep us feeling focused and refreshed. DERMA E’s Mood Rituals Skin Benefiting Mists, formulated with adaptogens, plant botanicals and nourishing waters hydrate and restore skin’s moisture levels to awaken your skin and spirit.

The therapeutic blends in DERMA E’s skin-softening mists offer three on-the-go refreshers for your healthy skincare routine. With beneficial ingredients like purified spring waters, witch hazel, coconut and rose waters to comfort and hydrate skin. Cool your skin with herbal waters and adaptogens Amla and Gotu Kola in CALM. Revitalize your skin with the aromatics waters and adaptogens Cordyceps and Cardamom in CREATE. Nourish your skin with citrus waters and adaptogens Eluethero and Artic Root in UPLIFT.

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