I Lived In A Tiny Home & It Made Me A Pro At Avoiding Food Waste

My tiny home experience felt like camping at time in that it tested my sense of resourcefulness and ability to think outside the box.

In my kitchen, we only had room for a two-top electric burner, large toaster oven, Vitamix, two pots, two pans, and some miscellaneous utensils. As a result of limited supplies, I relied heavily on simple cooking and one-pot meals to use up ingredients.

One of my go-to techniques was sautéing veggies in a shallow mix of water and liquid aminos (soy sauce or tamari also impart that umami flavor) until the sauce had thickened. Off heat, I’d add a punch of acid with apple cider or rice vinegar, along with a drizzle of grassy olive oil and lots of fresh herbs. Super simple and delicious. For a more filling meal, it was easy to add in leftover quinoa, rice, chickpeas, or just crack an egg on top and steam with a lid (or alternately, a pan or aluminum foil)—all served right from the cast iron pan.

Another favorite was toaster-roasted veggies, tossed in coconut oil and sea salt, with spices added afterwards so as not to burn them. Without a full-size oven, we saved electricity and a swath of heat within our tiny space.

Last but not least, soups were a staple for using up whatever was on its way out and experimenting with flavors. A hidden gem for food waste prevention!

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