Marketing Career Ladder

By- Graham Robertson (Beloved Brands)

About the Author:

As the founder of Beloved Brands, he has been a brand consultant to the NFL Players Association, Shell, Reebok, Acura, Jack Links and Pfizer. He’s helped train some of the best marketing teams on strategy, brand positioning, brand plans and advertising.

About the Article:

A very good and simple to understand piece of work by BELOVED BRANDS.

This article contains 5 factors that separated out the best from the rest.

It covers marketers at all different job profile, namely :

  • Assistant Brand Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • VP/CMO

Different topic covered in the article are:

  • My advice to Assistant Brand Managers
  • How to be the best Assistant Brand Manager
  • Ten reasons ABMs fail
  • How to be the best Brand Manager
  • My advice to Brand Managers
  • Ten reasons brand managers fail
  • How to be outstanding as a Marketing Director
  • How to be successful at the VP Marketing/CMO level
  • Success factors at each level of marketing

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