Meditation Pods May Help with Anxiety in the COVID Era

A company called OpenSeed has developed a 50-square-foot, womb-like environment that shuts you off from the outside world and transports you to your happy place at the touch of a few buttons. You may recognize the newest model of these meditation pods as one of the time-travel vessels from the latest installment of Bill and Ted: Bill & Ted Face the Music.

While the futuristic design of OpenSeed’s meditation pods may not be able to physically transport you across time, they do use the latest science on sensory deprivation and chromotherapy to facilitate moments of Zen at the office or high-traffic locations like busy airports. OpenSeed founder Jonathan Marcoschamer, an entrepreneur and meditator based in Miami, describes these new meditation spaces as “pods that allows for privacy, sound and visual isolation, and the integration of different therapeutic modalities that can help people access higher states of awareness.” They’re similar to sensory deprivation tanks, only without the water.

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