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Ok, let’s talk SLEEP. Good sleep. Greaaaaaaaat sleep.

The most coveted thing of all, especially these days, RIGHT?!

Yep. Same here, mama.

It’s such a simple act in theory, yet getting it consistently (aka, in the midst of real life) can sometimes be harder.

And you know what? Contrary to popular belief, it’s something that doesn’t just happen on it’s own.

It takes a little bit of intention, a little love and a little planning to actually get there each night. But most people don’t take the time to think it through and create a little ritual around it– something that you love and look forward to. It’s been one of the best (and most necessary) things I’ve done for myself: as a mama, business owner, wife, and now as a person living through this wild season we’re all in.

And nothing makes me feel more refreshed and calmed down (even after the busiest days) than my soothing + simple wind-down nighttime routine. It’s changed a bit over the last 6 months— and by change I mean, it’s become even more elaborate and important ? It’s one of the benefits of quarantine life for sure— there’s no other place to go or be ?

There’s something about spending intentional time to take care of myself– body, mind & spirit– before tucking in for the night just allows this amazing next-level decompression for my nervous system, thoughts, and body. We are energetic beings, and acknowledging that  sometimes goes missing for a lot of us, or gets put on the lower priority list…..but then that energy builds up until it comes out in other ways that aren’t necessarily healthy (anxiety, holding other people’s emotions like your own, fear, anger, resentment, etc).

So we have to have times and spaces to let all of that go and release it. 

And I for one, need that nightly. Especially these days.

Because the days are full:  as the CEO of this company, leading a team & being working at home mama in quarantine. Of working with clients, leading our groups and programs, doing all the live calls, videos, etc that are a part of me and my work in this world, while also holding just as much space and nurturing for my husband, my baby, our family, our extended family and our friends. All while doing the same for MYSELF too. You can’t pour from an empty cup, ya know? Its something I’ve learned the hard way over the years.

And all those areas are important and require time, attention, and love.

And it can be… a lot. A lot of good, yes, and also, on some days, can be a lot to navigate too.  And I have a feeling you’re right there with me.

And so, this little wind down at night, after Noah is down and my list is all (or at least, mostly) checked off for the day– this time each night, fills me up and brings me back down to earth at the same time, feet planted solidly and mind at ease.

And like any “routine” or ritual  I create for myself (see all of mine in my latest book if you don’t have it yet), it’s flexible.

It’s fluid, so that I can adjust as needed if a day is extra-hectic or if I need a little more time spent in one area. There’s no “right” order or perfect rhythm.

It’s moveable and malleable and calming, aka…. all my favorite things and just what I need in a nighttime ritual (or any little ritual, really– see my quarantine morning routine for proof).

If you’ve been having trouble sleeping (I have heard from soooo many friends/followers that this year has been rough on sleep, high on anxiety, and that we’re all just processing a lot more these days– you’re not alone!), or if you can’t seem to shut off your brain or the chatter late at night, I’d encourage you to find a grounding routine that works for YOU however, there are different CBD oil brands that certainly are the preferred options of the people who suffers from anxiety.

That doesn’t involve screens (blue light from any screens at night is the biggest disruptor of sleep and healthy hormone production) and most importantly, that seals your day with calm and goodness.

Steal parts of mine, add in ideas of your own and make it intentional, to focus on letting yourself relax. Because we ALL need more of that, this year & always.

My Simple Quarantine Nighttime Routine

8pm ish (and/or after Noah goes down around 7:30pm):

  • I plug in my phone and leave it for the rest of the night (most nights). Although, let’s be honest– lately, with all that’s changed in my schedule this year, a few nights a week (at least) I’ve been working at night for an hour or so, depending whats going on. So, if so, my night routine doesn’t start until 9pm. That’s my absolutely cut-off for screens so I can get great sleep during a super busy season– but ideally it’s 8pm if I’m not working. Realities of being a working mama in quarantine. :slightly_smiling_face:

9pm: My Nightly Bath or Shower: to energetically cleanse the day and let my nervous system decompress

  • STEP 1: Before I get in the shower/bath, I do a quick dry brush on my whole body to move any stagnant lymph and help my body continue to detox. Sometimes I do this in the morning to start the day, sometimes it’s a night– just a few times a week total. It’s simple and feels so good, and is  great natural exfoliator. (Let me know if you want me to do a quick tutorial on this later).


  • STEP 2: Then, I put on my face cleansing oil and let it soak in as I shower/bath. Some nights after I steam it off with my washcloth, I then do a face mask too (I’ve been alternating between this CBD one, this plumping one, and this hydrating one lately) and let it soak in as I sit and relax or while I shower. Efficiency, my friends. No time to waste. 
    • Alternates: some bath nights instead of a face mask, I’ve been doing gua sha as I soak  in the tub and it’s sooooo relaxing. This Wildling bian gua sha stone is incredible (it’s heavier and feels so soothing on your skin and is so very grounding– also I love the “teeth” on this one to really move lymph around).  If you’re just starting and unsure of if you’re gonna like gua sha as a skincare practice, I love the this one so, so much. It’s the perfect starter one (and great to pack for travel too). (Psssssst, don’t forget that you can use code ‘simplyrealhealth’ at both PP and Wildling for 10% off of your orders!)

BONUS DEETS: Watch my full oil cleansing routine here on IGTV  or Catch me in action with this step here on my IGTV

  • STEP 3: BATH DEETS:  I add 1-2 cups of epsom salts (I now order these in 8lb bulk bags, so ridiculous but hi quarantine life), and sometimes add a few drops of lavender essential oil, frankincense or sandalwood– all of which are so calming, it just depends on my mood) or if it’s a hot shower that night, I’ll do a few drops of lavender or eucalyptus or spearmint essential oil into the spray. Sometimes I read, sometimes I gua sha, sometimes I just breathe….but I always do it without my phone as I let my nervous system shift into healing and winding down.




  • Then I  go downstairs to get some hang time in with the hubs– even 10 minutes to just chat. To be honest—this is a new thing added to my routine…. and something that’s our goal for the Fall, to make this a priority too, vs us both just working at night (aka what happens a lot now).



  • Then I go upstairs and– like a total nerd–turn on the fan, close our blackout shades, and  I read my book in bed (with my  little red light book light to eliminate blue light from normal lightbulbs/screens/etc. that can stimulate your hormones to keep you awake longer and get your adrenaline pumping) for 20 to 30 mins every night…or until I fall asleep.


  • Then my sleeping face mask goes on and earplugs in (non negotiables– they help make sure any sounds), and to SLEEP I go. I literally never leave my house or travel anywhere without these.

See? It’s pretty simple. I mean DETAILED for this post because that’s what I’d want to know– the exact details and timing and the what and why. So hopefully it helps to inspire you as you think about creating your own this season.

It’s not a rigid routine, by any means– I pick and choose intuitively what I need more of or less of that day, based on the day or the week or what’s going on. But I do ALWAYS have some sort of wind down routine, no matter where I am.

It’s not perfect– some nights I’m on my phone IN the bath because I ran out of time during the day to work. Some nights I stay up too late reading until 11pm because it’s the only ME time I have. But most nights, I make sure I’m taking care of myself and my nervous system so that I can show up and serve in such a bigger way during the day- in my business, in my life, as a wife and as a mama every single day.  SLEEP, non anxious thoughts and grounding are sooo key for that, and for me being able to show up as who I want to BE.

Because now more than ever, having ways to ground and bring ourselves back to good, back to our hearts and back to ease, is so important.

I hope this helps YOU build a nighttime routine that you love and that caps your day with some extra goodness & you-time. What’s one thing you’d love to start incorporating into your own night routine this coming season? Tell me below.

Need some more ideas on taking care of yourself this season?

Grab 28 of my favorite ways to get grounded, no matter how crazy life feels around you, here. 

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