NeuroRx and Relief Therapeutics sign new supply agreements for COVID-19 drug

NeuroRx and Swiss biotech company Relief Therapeutics have established new supply chain agreements and ordered sufficient drug substance for their COVID-19 treatment RLF-100 ahead of an upcoming data readout.

RLF-100 is still currently in a phase 2b/3 clinical trial investigating its use as a treatment of critical COVID-19 in the US, with a study readout expected within the next months. European trials of RLF-100 are currently being prepared and are planned to begin in the first quarter of 2021.

NeuroRx and Relief are leading US and EU commercialisation plans for the drug respectivel and have now contracted Nephron Pharmaceuticals to manufacture commercial supplies of RLF-100 to ensure adequate supplies will be immediately available.

The two companies have also contracted Bachem Americas to manufacture sufficient drug substance for RLF-100 to treat one million patients. Finally, NeuroRx and Relief have additionally contracted an unnamed pharmaceutical logistics partner to ensure overnight supply of RLF-100 to US hospital, should the drug continue to succeed in clinical trials.

“In normal circumstances, it would be prudent to wait until all the data are in before initiating commercial scale-up,” said Jonathan Javitt, chief executive officer and chairman of NeuroRx.

“However, in an environment where more than 40,000 Americans are contracting COVID-19 daily and 800 are dying each day, there is not a moment to lose in ensuring that sufficient quantities of RLF-100 will be available, should the clinical trials succeed in proving safety and efficacy,” he added.

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