No Need To Overhaul Your Skin Care Routine Come Fall Thanks To This Supplement

Get ready: Dry skin weather is upon us. Temperature dips, brisk winds, and lower humidity levels translates to skin that is more irritated, dehydrated, red, and even flakey. Come this time of year, often people start swapping in heavier creams in place of shine-controlling lotions, water-drenched sleep masks in place of oil-zapping charcoal ones, hydrating essences in place of astringent toners—OK, you get the picture. 

And while these swaps are valid, and needed for many, one way you can smooth out this seasonal transition is making sure your skin’s barrier stays hydrated and strong. Essentially, if you support your lipid layer from the inside, you’ll be better able to deal with changes in your external environment. (Read: You may not even need to overhaul your entire skin care routine.)

OK, enough of the why—let’s get to the how. 

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