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Excellence in Pharma Sales – Certification Program

Module 2


Due to the increased pressure on doctor because of increasing numbers of pharma company. Doctor only prefers to engage with companies which add value to his/her practice.

Doctors are more interested in forming a partnership with pharma companies. They form partnership with pharma companies who adds value to their practice and emphasize on holistic patient care.

Let’s have a look at what value means to doctors and how can we excel in value addition.


  • Value can be defined as worth, utility, or importance in comparison with something else.
  • Winning brand always differentiate around value addition which other brands don’t provide.
  • It’s of paramount to understand the customer needs to identify what value means to him and how can we add value to their practice.


Enlisted below are the benefits of value addition to the customer:

  • Most important of all the benefits is that when sales executive are aware about the fact that they are adding value to customer, executive would be more willing and confident to visit the customer.
  • Customer would be more responsive to other channels of communications.
  • Increased sales and market share of product.
  • Value delivery will increase credibility and trust with the customer
  • Through value delivery customers are more likely to use, repeat use and/or become an advocacy of product.
  • Value delivery will make the customer company loyal, as we know change is something that we all resist. So, if the customer is having a good experience with the company, he will resist the change of his product preference.


  • Medical sales executive are the most frequent and important interaction doctors have with pharma companies.
  • Sales executive act as a bridge between doctor and pharma company.
  • Medical representatives are brand ambassador of their company.
  • Doctors personally value the medical sales representative personal touch.


The most important factor is that sales representative build credibility and the customer relationship for the pharma company which he is working for.

1) Complete Knowledge of Product

  • Not only product knowledge of what you are selling is important but also the therapy knowledge in which you operate is important.
  • Latest information about studies, new molecules, etc.
  • Ability to give impartial comparisons of own vs competitor products.
  • Able to answer product questions in the best possible way.

2) Know Your Doctor

  • Every customer is unique, behavior of customer is dominated by the personality type of the customer.
  • Preference for type of information of one customer varies from others.
  • Some customers like a more detailed description of products while some just like overviews about the product.
  • Preferred communication channels of each and every doctor varies. Some might like regular face to face meeting, while some will enjoy a short conversation over a video call or a telephonic call.
  • Some customers are more inclined towards academic knowledge of product while some customers prefer to experiment and observe patient benefits and compliance.

3) Be Presentable

This is something of paramount, sales executives are brand ambassador of the company they are working for. Medical sales executive should be sure of following checklist before engaging with a customer.

  • Professional grooming
  • Neat and tidy (e.g., no body odor)
  • No short, revealing clothing
  • No excessive makeup
  • Well-pressed shirt and pants

4) Be Consistent/Follow-up

A good call will be of no significance if it’s not followed up with consistency. A consistent follow up compliments us as below.

  • Regular visit frequency.
  • Supplement with other communication.
  • Maintain brand recall.
  • Familiar with new drugs and similar products
  • Be contactable
  • Follow-up calls


  • Delivering customer value is accomplished through understanding the individual needs of the customer.
  • When your customer recognizes and benefits from the value you
    provide, you can gain a significant competitive advantage
  • The value delivery Approach provides support to the Medical Sales Representative for accelerating the selling process and delivering value to your customers.

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