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Chef Birch has been busy making hamburgers!

I broke out our huge bin of play-doh for Birch and he was a fan! I sat with him and helped him with the molds, made him snakes, and little balls. Play-doh is so soothing!

Mazen was busy with his own craft

He overheard me say my Beautycounter seasonal gift sets were coming in the mail. When they arrived, he swiped them from the porch and spent 20 minutes (and probably $20 in materials – lol) wrapping them as a gift from him to me.

New Sets, New Products!!

If you’re curious to see the new sets, see them here!

A few of my favorite new products –

The new Golden Hour All-In-One Palette with four beautiful shadows to layer, a fall-friendly blush, a shimmery highlighter to catch that autumn light. Plus a hidden mirror for using on the go. These are all made with responsibly sourced mica and are talc free.

Beautycounter Golden Hour Palette

The Hand Cream + Body Butter Trios – these were my favorite from last year. This year’s new scents are delicious! These creams feature essential oils and nothing artificial. And all fragrance ingredients are shared transparently, as always. These are my favorite to gift!

Beautycounter holiday hand creams and body butters

The Bright Side Duo – If you’ve been wanting to try two of our most popular products, the Overnight Peel and Vitamin C Serum, here’s a limited-edition way to get both in slightly smaller sizes at a great price.

Beautycounter Bright Side Duo

There’s also a new Lip Gloss Trio with my favorite violet scent and….. the Jellies are back!!

beautycounter holiday collection

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Real Food Of Late

Bodos bagel with cream cheese and apple butter!!
Weekend omelet with a Pie Chest biscuit (from the freezer!) and apple butter
Lunch bowl from Mezeh!

I forgot to request dressing on the side (Thomas picked it up) but the top layer of this salad was soooo delicious. All the sauces and dips! (The bottom was arugula and brown rice.)

Kid Lunches

Sometimes we have potato chips! Also Mazen was not thrilled to get a “baby plate” and insisted I move his food to a grown-up one.

Splendid Noodle Bowls

We had Splendid Spoon’s new Noodle Bowls for an easy dinner one night. These were GREAT! I absolutely love the chewiness of rice noodles.

They come in six flavors. We tried the Sesame (bottom) and the Ginger (top) and loved them both.

They come frozen and you defrost and then heat on the stovetop, so they’re the perfect frozen meal (made from all real nutritious food) to keep on hand for those nights when you’re out of groceries. Or to give as a gift to someone who needs some extra love.

Get $25 off your whole Splendid Spoon order here.

More Noodles: Spaghetti Night

Mazen was thrilled to have spaghetti and meatballs two nights in a row. (The second was leftovers.) Nona made these meatballs and they were great!

Paired perfectly with this tiny bottle of Fieldhouse Pinot I had!

Another Scout + Cellar wine I tried and loved was the Dove Hunt Dog Cabernet. This is a perfect gift for dog lovers!

Brother Love

Nothing warms my heart more than Mazen reading to his little bro!

Or seeing B love on his animals this much <3

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