Role of A Manager

General Consideration:

Myth = Use the same skills.

Truth = Use different skills. (e.g. – Excellent people skills)

Achieving success through others:

  1. Organizing skills.
  2. Leadership skills.

Myth = Power gets results.

Truth = Credibility gets results.

Manager has formal authority, higher status within the organization, greater access to resources.

Managers Credibility:

Character – Always striving to do the right thing.

Competency – Talk less, listen more.

Influence – If you work hard, display honesty & fairness, demonstrate knowledge, competency and reliability, you will positively influence people.

How to compensate for lack of freedom:-

  1. Building a network – Success largely depends on co-operative efforts.
  2. Sharing power – High credibility & influence. It means sharing resources, advice, knowledge, acknowledging and accepting the contributions of others.
  3. Exchanging valued resources – Exchanging valued resources with others in your organization can help you get the resources you need – such a talent, finances, or support.

Myth = Delegate work: More Time?

Truth = Many responsibilities can’t be delegated.

Myth = Learn through training.

Truth = Learn through experience. Experience is a way to learn.

Experienced Manager = Source of wisdom

Learning on the Job:

  1. Reflecting on your experience.
  2. Gathering feedback about the performance.
  3. Identifying probable challenges.
  4. Encourage respectful exchanges.
  5. Avoid personality clashes.
  6. Seek feedback.

Myth = Focus on developing an individual relationship

Truth = The individual relationship can have a negative impact

Develop relationship in a way that will enhance the performance of the entire team. Use group forums.

Constraints of the Manager’s role:

Can come from inside or outside the organization

E.g. of Constraints of a manger’s role –

1) Expectation

2) Resources

3) Technology

4) Location

5) Policies & Procedure

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