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You guys! It’s time… My annual round-up of allll the fall things making my heart and soul happy, warm & cared for this season is HERE!

One thing I know is this: STUFF can’t fix a wild and all over the place kind of year.  *Things* can’t just gloss over all that 2020 is showing us.

But, I do believe that intentional thought put into our daily rituals, the things we surround ourselves with, the food we eat, and the self-care routines we have that fill our days can be healing in so many ways.

In fact, when all else feels chaotic, these little things ^^ become GROUNDING RODS in our day. And actually more important than ever, not less.

We can’t distract ourselves in busy-ness, or ignore things that needed to be upgraded– whether that’s around our homes, in our mentality and mindsets, how we are eating, how we are taking care of our bodies, and how we are taking care of others…even when  all isn’t “ideal”. The little things DO matter, and they do add up. Even when they’re not perfect.

Upgrading the quality of your food, and spending a little more time in the kitchen these days than ever. Getting AWARE. Starting the day slowly. Disconnecting from screens. Seeking out non-toxic skin & home care goods. Finding tiny areas you can be more present, drink more water, move your body in a way that feels good, jot down a few of your thoughts/feelings, rushing less, appreciating more.

These can all be ways to care for yourself a little deeper, as the seasons shift and the year comes to a close.

And I don’t know about you, but I neeeed that extra love as we slide into fall. It’s a big season– one that shifts our schedules, the weather, our mentality, activities… everything, really.

So, take this little love note (round-up style) as an invitation: to do something for you this season. To unapologetically embrace the things that bring you joy. To allow more ease and less stress in, however you need to.

Here are all the things that I’m loving lately, that are introducing light to my world and that boost my life/health/habits in every way. Enjoy, friend!


The best rain boots: Pacific Northwesterners know….. rain boots or bust. You neeeed good ones in the fall, and these have been my staple for years.

Waterproof hiking boots: For longer walks or hikes— these waterproof hiking boots are THE BEST THINGS I’VE BOUGHT IN THE LAST YEAR to keep me walking no matter the weather or the season. I used to try and wear my running shoes + smart wool socks when it was wet and it was always kind of a bummer. Ditto to trying to take a nice long walk in rainboots with little support. So now, #noexcuses.

This tie-die sleep set. Don’t ask me how I started searching amazon for cute PJ’ sets, but here we are.

Cozy clothes you need this fall: This oversized crewneck sweatshirt, this loungy set, (I also have my eyes on this set because I currently can’t take the other one off), the best ever pants in this new pink color (or this tie dye print that’s so perfect for fall– um, I have both and when I’m not wearing the above set^ these are it.

Also, continuing my obsession with all things cozy this coat (I think this is just my life theme). And this one. Both look likes ones that will last for years!

Also, the shirt I wear with every single sweater and any pair of jeans when I wanna feel a little more pulled together.

And of course, this capsule brand with sustainable, beautiful clothes is always my favorite go-to. I love their jumpsuits (especially this new limited 2 piece one!), this gorg wrap top that goes both ways, and this flutter sleeve shirt

Here are more of my favorite things right now (on request from the last post to please post more cozy clothes, we’ve got you!)

Ok, last but not least, these aren’t clothes, but they are THE BEST right now for all my home workouts: these wearable wrist & ankle weights (for at home workouts) I’m loving them on my bike & my MWH yoga/pilates workouts!


The GF pumpkin date & walnut bread: I was playing in the kitchen last weekend and this is what came of it…. Let’s just say it’ll be on repeat allll fall long.

Daily Harvest warm bowls: *THE* best nourishing option for a quick meal that sits in your freezer until you need to bust it out. Try the broccoli + cheeze bowl or the cauliflower rice + pesto one…. just trust me on this you guys. It’s a great lunch for full days or even dinner when you don’t feel like cooking. (Plus you can get $25 off your first order with code “simplyrealhealth” at checkout!). Add a couple of green smoothies in too and you’ll be set for whatever the days may hold. Kyle is obsessed with both of these for quick workday lunches right now.

Healthy hot chocolate: This really adds a warming boost to your day with a cozy mug of hot chocolate that’s actually GOOD for you, too. Or, use it in a green smoothie like I do for an added chocolate oomph that really sustains you midday! I love that this version has no stevia or sweeteners in it + added cordyceps too. (Use code “simplyrealhealth” at checkout for 10% off your order.) The chaga elixir is soo good for immune support and if you’re a coffee drinker, the lions mane coffee is so worth testing out for a jitter-free experience. 

All the soups: If you didn’t catch it, I gathered 7 of my allll-time favorite soups for fall in this post last week! Bookmark this one so you can come back to it anytime you need something cozy this season. My favs? The veggie & red lentil curry stew (instantpot for the win) and the 3-ingredient tomato soup. But promise– you can’t go wrong with any!

My go-to source for biodynamic, natural wines: Umm, I’ve been a diehard fan of this brand for well over a year now, and I love that they’re committed to sustainably sourced wines without sugar, additives or chemicals. Right. Up. My. Alley. And just because it’s been a funky year doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to celebrate, break bread and toast to one another a bit this season, don’t you agree??

Sakara Meal Delivery: Ok, ok. While you guys know I personally love to cook (and just keep things SUPER simple in the kitchen when life gets busy), I’ve had so many requests and questions from you all if there are any actually great meal delivery services out there. SRH approved with real food & a specialness factor that brings joy back to your meals. Because, hi, we ALL have those weeks and seasons where life is so busy, so I’m all about finding great tools you can use (vs defaulting into all-or-nothing mode with low grade takeout food, too much boxed pasta, and eating out in places that zap the energy you so badly need in those busy times).So, I’m finally testing out the one that I’ve heard the best things about this week: Sakara. You can order in 2 day, 3 day, 5 day or 10 day increments, it’s all real food based, all gluten-free, happens to be plant based, and they’re super creative meals that come ready to eat (not just plain basic stuff you could make at home). It’s like foodie-quality/restaurant quality food (which I love is is very hard to find with pre-made meals).

  • TRUTHFULLY? I was so skeptical about it, but 2 days in and it’s been pretty impressive actually. With big meals, not wimpy ones in lame containers. I’m trying the 3 day one out this week and it’s a ton of food (3 breakfasts/treats, 3 lunches and 3 dinners). Anywho, I’ll keep you guys posted but just wanted to share this since so many people have asked this question lately. It would be perfect for busy mamas who never have time to make themselves lunch, busy couples that want to share a few of the dinners each week, or on crazy weeks when you need a break from cooking, but don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your food. It’s like a private chef situation, that you can order online. Delivers nationwide. Bonus: they gave me a code for you guys if anyone wants to try it too. Just use code XOSRH at checkout for 20% off your first delivery. 


This hot water kettle: I love this electric kettle for a quick cup of tea. Bonus points for minimalist look, BPA free, super affordable & easy cleaning/storage. This heats water sooo fast you won’t even miss your microwave!

My afternoon tea ritual: I’m soo into loose-leaf tea right now, I can’t even tell you guys. The true hippie-mama in me is coming out HARD these days (making my own GF sourdough, almond milk…who am I?!). Ok but tea. I’ve been so into nettle tea lately in the afternoons after lunch. It’s sooo re-mineralizing and a natural blood builder, is great for boosting your immune system, and…. ok, the vain reason I’m really into it? It’s so good for super healthy and long hair, beautiful skin and nails. And so great after pregnancy to re-build your mineral stores. Plus it’s caffeine-free and just a beautiful little grounding ritual as Fall comes around. I’ve been buying my organic loose leaf teas– nettle specifically, but also chamomile flowers in bulk at our local co-op (PCC for those local), but they’ve been out lately so I’ve been doing this one. I use my kettle (above), and this strainer, and my favorite mug. Somedays I’ll add some coconut water in it, or a tiny bit of honey. Or ice it on warm days. It’s so soothing. And so simple.

Veggie spiralizer: I loooove this little gadget for fall and winter. For nights when I want pasta without so much heaviness or even to throw into your fall soups, spiralized carrots, zucchinis and sweet potatoes make such good substitutes. Bonus fun: try it for curly sweet potato fries!

My fav water bottle (w/ straw): Drinking more water helps EVERYTHING. It cleanses your skin/digestive system/cells and refreshes & awakens your body. This is my fav way to hydrate.


Natural candles: Anyone else looooove going mostly by candlelight as soon as the sun sets? It’s cozy, calming and so soothing this time of year. I also love their essential oil scented line (“balance” is my favorite one). 

Palo Santo Home Mist + the palo santo essential oil– this is such a easy way to take a minute or two pause in the middle of the day (or whenever I need to reset my energy). Palo santo is a known element for energetic cleansing  & clearing negative energy. Either spray the mist anywhere around your house that needs a more positive vibe and calming mood, or use the rollerball on your wrist, back of neck or palms as you take a deep breath. Energy shifted. AKA, SO NEEDED RIGHT NOW DAILY, AM I RIGHT?! I do this daily lately, as you can see here ?

This autumn home collection: See ya fake-scented, headachey candles (you know the ones I mean, right?). These are a GREAT SWAP to still get those cozy smelling fall vibes: this collection (or you can buy them separately) comes with a room spray, essential oil for diffusing & hand soap that are warming and naturally scented with all the best fall vibes: sweet honey, golden hay, apple blossoms & cacao. I mean…. yum. (You can get 10% off your order with code “simplyrealhealth“.)

The best natural home cleaning supplies: Get the starter kit which includes an all purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner, window cleaner, and laundry detergent. (Use the code “simplyrealhealth” at checkout). 


Vibrate Higher Daily, by Lalah Delia *a great mood lifter and re-frame book, perfect for little hits and opening anytime you need a reminder*

In The Flo by Alisa Vitti * I think every woman should read this book on our hormones. SO freaking important and stuff we never learn!!*

Such A Fun Age,  by Kiley Reid *just a fun light read

The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry, by John Mark Comer *more spiritually based, so not for everyone, but the messages are so good and on point for these times we’re in*


Natty deodorant: If you know you know…. this is THE. BEST. natural deodorant out there (I’ve tried like, 57 of them). And if you haven’t hopped on the natty deod train yet, fall is kinda the perfect time (less heat to battle). Here’s a post all about how to transition with ease. (You can get 10% off your order with code “simplyrealhealth“.)

Everything spray: This is my tried and true fixer of all skin ailments (breakouts, irritation, razor burn… plus it’s just a good morning refresher spray AND makeup brush cleaner). A spray that multitasks? Yes. (You can get 10% off your order with code “simplyrealhealth“.)

Citrus mint body butter: Once the weather starts to turn and cool off, my skin always needs a little extra loving. Enter: this refreshing body butter. I love keeping it by my bed for a nice and sweet way to wind down before going to sleep. (You can get 10% off your order with code “simplyrealhealth“.) Also obsessed with the Vanilla one ?

A glowy & light tinted SPF serum: And…. it’s natural. So it goes on light, feels clean and gives the best dewy, subtle coverage– plus SPF 40.

Natural mascara: Finally a natural mascara that WORKS (aka, doesn’t flake, stays on & is made with clean ingredients). If you’re looking to upgrade your makeup this fall, start here.

Beetroot lip tint: I live in this stuff, and the color is just so pretty for fall.

Gua sha facial massage tool: Ooooh, you guys…. self-care and de-puffing and a little at-home spa magic, all in one. I live for this tiny stone gadget. Catch my easy tutorial here! (You can get 10% off your order with code “simplyrealhealth“.)

Chlorophyll drops: I’m doing these again and it feels sooooo good. Fall is a great time to detox your cells and boost your blood, which chlorophyll does. And it tastes minty, not swampy I promise. A great way to boost your water- I use in the morning post workout or mid afternoon when I need a little boost!


Noah’s rain boots: A necessity for rainy days– when we BOTH need to get outside for fresh air and some play, but don’t want to deal with soggy socks. I’ve also heard great things about these ones from PNW seasoned moms.

Natural baby skincare line: Baby balm, oil, powder, bar soap… basically, all your essentials to care for your sweet little one’s more sensitive skin, all made with plant-based ingredients. It’s the only thing I use on Noah especially as the weather cools off and gets drier. (You can get 10% off your order with code “simplyrealhealth“.)

Mini sweatsuit set: I can’t with this sweet little matching set. Order one in every color & size and let your babe live his/her best life.

Cozy PJs set: Um… all that Noah wears? It’s true. We loved the shorts version for summer, and getting these for fall. Order 1-2 sizes up, they run small!

What are you loving this fall? Drop ’em in a comment below so we can all see!

And don’t miss the Fall Meal Plan this year!

It’s got four weeks of easy, real-food recipes curated just for fall and simple enough for anyone to make (plus printable weekly grocery lists)! Sign up here!

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