The Best Budget Yoga Pants for $30 or Less

Getting a new pair of yoga pants doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here, a list of leggings that we either tested ourselves or saw had glowing reviews. At $30 or less, you can stress less about finding yoga pants that you can practice, work, and live in.

1. ColorfulKoala – 28” High Waisted Pattern Leggings 

Stand out from the crowd with the vibrant patterns on ColorfulKoala leggings. Navy Flowers, Cyan Leopard, and Rock Stratum are only a handful of the 26 designs to choose from in their 28” High Waisted Pattern Leggings line. The soft compression in the leggings provides a flattering look without bunching up, making them great activewear or loungewear, and a fabulous piece in any stylish outfit.


2. Baleaf – Non-See-Through High Rise Leggings with Hidden Drawstring

Get the comfort and ease of a sweatpant in your yoga pants. The stretchy blend of polyester and spandex gently grips your legs, but the drawstring, side pockets, and hidden waistband pocket provide enough functionality to make these more than fitness pants.


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