The Business Book Of Coaching: Your Ultimate Guide to a 7-Figure Coaching Business

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The coaching industry runs on assumptions. There is a tremendous amount of knowledge and information out there, but it’s all based on personal experiences rather than facts. Most of it is not researched, or tested, or validated for extended periods of time and has no basis in psychology or science.

Although most of the advice given to aspiring coaches is true for some people, it’s usually based on an individual’s experiences—they tried something and it worked, but often it was a fluke, yet now it’s out there paraded as a fact that is expected to work for everyone.

Looking at all that misinformation spread over and over again was disturbing, annoying, and frustrating for myself as I was creating a company—Evercoach—to help people become better coaches. Evercoach creates tremendous value for coaches, but these coaches, once trained, go out into the world and get terrible advice on how to build their coaching business—advice that has no basis in facts.

So, we decided to write The Business of Coaching to help fix this problem.

In The Business of Coaching we give you an honest opinion on what is really important and critical to building a business that is powerful, sustainable, and long-term. The ideas and strategies in this book have been learned, evaluated, and tested for over a decade in different ways, across different companies, and for different coaches.

This book is designed to give you the tools that could skyrocket your coaching career. But here is the caveat: Given enough time, everything in this book can work for anyone. What you need to do is find that ONE thing that’ll work for you and deliver results today.

What we really hope you get out of this book is the ability to:
• Understand and overcome assumptions in the coaching business
• Communicate in a way that makes your clients listen
• Understand the subtleties of business management
• Craft products that are exciting
• Compound your business growth

We are giving you the tools and letting you experiment with what works for you in your unique circumstances. You get to decide your best experience.

This book is not a bible. That’s the problem with most business books—people take it and follow it religiously. No book is absolute. Humans are different, our experiences are different, and so the results you get will be atypical. Your outcomes will be based on the effort and knowledge you put in and the industry you operate in.

This book is meant to level the playing field and give you all of the insights and strategies that you will need to create a thriving coaching business. How it will manifest for you will depend on the effort you put in it and the depth of your understanding. Some of it might be confusing—there is a lot of information after all. But pick that one thing that works really well for you, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

On a final note, here’s how we suggest you read this book. This is not meant to be read from any page – you’ll skip important ideas and it’ll stop making sense. It’s important to read The Business of Coaching sequentially—following the concepts as they evolve alongside a coach’s journey.

Happy reading!

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