The Heart Revolution®: Transform Your Life, Transform Your Business

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The Heart Revolution: Your profound and practical guide to personal and business transformation. What if change wasn’t something we just “managed to survive”? What if change and transformation is where we thrive and come fully alive?

Change and disruption constantly affects our lives and businesses. Another Industrial Revolution and technology’s advancement is making traditional jobs and industry models obsolete. Regulation, climate change, social justice movements and a global pandemic shows transformation isn’t just inevitable, but necessary for solving our challenges. 

The Heart Revolution is your profound and practical guide to doing just that; helping you walk beyond your comfort zone, tear down your internal blockers and follow the Ten Steps of Transformation®. And as you transform, you transform your business – empowering you to stay resourceful, relevant and resilient – wherever you are in your organization, your life and the world.

Fear of change is human, but unhelpful. It drives transformations to fade or fail, making companies live shorter, and many of us exhausted and disengaged from work. 

But there is another way; for why, how and what we transform.  

It starts with you and me. With every one of us building and sustaining our capacity to transform. By finding deeper meaning to shift exhaustion to excitement. By shifting mindsets to systematically replace fear with love. Because as provoking as it sounds, love is a life and business hack. Not romantic love – but a mindset of love that moves us from a limiting ‘me-focus’, to an expanding ‘we-focus’. A mindset that builds our capacity to solve complex problems and manifest impact for ourselves, businesses and society. 

The Heart Revolution isn’t theory; it’s tried, tested and proven practice. It unfolds the Ten Steps of Transformation® – built on neuroscience, psychology, system- and social thinking, and change management – and shares inspiring insights, compelling case studies and practical exercises. It tells real-life stories of transformation at every level – from associate on the shop floor to CEO on the top floor – collected through over 20+ years on the frontline of human and business transformation. 

It’s a book that includes and speaks to all of us – at every stage and age of career and life. 

Karen Tobiasen’s passion for helping people enrich their lives began when she was a nurse treating terminally ill patients. She saw first-hand how differently people met death, depending on how they’d lived. She took that inspiration into her decades in senior leadership roles working with people and multinational organizations undergoing transformation. 

The Heart Revolution is Karen Tobiasen’s powerful invitation to you to disrupt your life – to enrich it, expand your capacity and thrive in transformation. For all of us to not just survive, but come fully alive – as people, organizations and societies.

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