Time Management Tips and Tricks

Time management is a must-have skill for effective leadership. In fact not only leadership, it a vital element for normal day to day working of humans and organization irrespective of its size.
We all have 24 hours in a day, successful people are always a timekeeper.
They manage time efficiently and allocate time to what’s important.

Here are some tips and tricks necessary to become a efficient time manager.

Work on what’s important; spend time on what’s important.
Important things – Moves you towards your goal. Important things are generally not in the urgent work checklist. So we generally tend to deviate from it and complete things of more urgencies.


Underlying qualities for time management:
* Others (lack of assertiveness)
* You (lack of self-discipline)
* Clear personal goal (Must have)

Goals necessary for proper time management :
* Specific & Detailed
* Write down

Personality drivers in time management :
* Be perfect – Spends too long
* Hurry up – Feels stressed
* Please others – Feels moderation is okay

Master List for time management :
* List of everything you have got to do
* Basis of planning & prioritizing

Prioritizing for perfect time management :
* Urgency: When you have got to it
* Importance: How long should you spend on it
Important tasks contribute to achievement in a long time

Saying No an important skill required for time management :
An important skill to practice

Negotiating and managing your time efficiently :
An alternative to saying “NO”. Negotiate over when & how long

Email etiquette time management :
* Empty your inbox (daily or weekly)
* Check if people replied

Procrastination :
Putting things off, the things which we put off are important things which are not urgent.

Jobs to do :
* Small things which need to be done
*Make it every day
*Write the night before

Maintaining a Dairy :
* Include home & work
* Never be completely full
* Unbroken chain

Practicing the above tips and tricks will definitely lead to a positive impact on efficient time management.

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