Two Full Moons & A Mercury Retrograde Will Make This A Month To Remember

For starters, October is a “once in a blue moon” month, because it will be bookended by two full moons. The first, in fiery Aries, lights the skies on October 1, charging into the month like a headstrong Ram. Here in the U.S., as we count down to the historic and nail-biting November 3 Election Day, the race to the polls (and hopefully the mailbox) will be on.

Then on Halloween (October 31), a second full moon arrives in Taurus, astride changemaker Uranus at an exact degree. Who needs a costume and a mask? With Taurus, what you see is what you get, and in the spotlight of the full moon, that could be a whole lotta in-your-face energy, mixed with curveball plot twists served up by Uranus.

This is all against the backdrop of the Sun moving through Libra, the sign of balance, until October 22, which we hope can help bring some semblance of temperance to our lives. Take things as slow and steady as you can. When chaos is in the air, the best thing you can do sometimes is either ease off the gas or even stand still.

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