Use acupressure for erectile dysfunction for best results

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most widely occurring sexual health problems in men. It mostly affects men above 40 but can be seen in men in their 20s-30s as well. While there are medications available for this indication, many people prefer to use acupressure for erectile dysfunction as it is a natural way of treatment.

Erectile Dysfunction – What is it?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence is defined as the incapacity to get or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. Even though this can happen occasionally to almost every male, a frequent occurrence is a cause of concern.

Erectile dysfunction has gained momentum in recent years as unhealthy lifestyle habits have been on the rise. Conditions like stress, depression, anxiety, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and high cholesterol are major contributors to ED and hence, one must work not only for their physical well-being but also for their mental peace.

Common symptoms of ED?

You may be suffering from ED if you regularly encounter the following:

  1. Difficulty in getting/maintaining an erection while engaging in sexual activities
  2. Less interest in sexual intercourse
  3. Premature or delayed ejaculation
  4. Anorgasmia, which is the reduced ability or inability to attain an orgasm after sufficient stimulation

In case you’re suffering from any of the conditions stated above, do not waste time and immediately get in touch with a doctor.

Acupressure for erectile dysfunction

Acupressure is an ancient method that focusses on healing via nerve stimulation. It involves applying pressure on certain points in the body so as to help it heal.

It is a completely natural process and requires no medication or surgery. Hence, using acupressure for erectile dysfunction is a recommended approach as it ensures zero side effects.

Given below are 5 effective and easy to do acupressure techniques that can help you cure ED

Gate Origin

The CV4 or the gate origin is the area beneath the belly button. It can be stimulated by applying pressure to the region between the belly button and pubic bone.

Stimulation for around 1-2 minutes daily can greatly help with curing ED.

Bigger Stream

This is located in the middle point of the ankle bone and Achilles’ tendon. You can stimulate this pressure point by firmly pressing the region while taking deep breaths for about a minute.

Regular stimulation of this region helps relieve fatigue and sexual tensions ultimately aiding to cure ED.

LV3 (Foot)

This pressure point is present about 2 inches below the gap between the first and second toe. You can stimulate this region by applying firm pressure using your index finger and keeping it on for about 1-2 minutes.

LV3 (Foot)

This acupressure point provides relief from stress, fatigue, and consequently helps with ED.

ST36 (Lower Leg)

This pressure point is located one hand’s width beneath the knee on the front side of your leg. You can stimulate this area by firmly pressing it with your fingers for a couple of minutes. Do it on both the legs to get the best results.

ST36 (Lower Leg)

Sea of Vitality

This is found in the lower back region at the same level as the belly button. You can stimulate this region by using the back of your hand to rub and generate heat and then use your thumb to press firmly for about 1 minute.

This point is really helpful in curing ED and also works effectively for premature ejaculation and lower back pain, both of which can cause reduced interest in sexual activities.

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