What I Love This Week – Andie Mitchell

(DeeDee spent the day with us on Thursday and James LOVED it)

We’re gearing up for James’ second birthday this week! Last year we had a big party with all our family and friends. This year it’ll be just the three (or four depending on how you’re counting) of us, but we’re still going to make it special. James loves Mickey Mouse so I bought a bunch of Mickey-themed decorations online (affiliate link!). We’re going to go all out decorating the house, get him his favorite foods (donuts!), and we have a few new books and toys for him. I think he will have an absolute blast. We are lucky that he is still at an age where he isn’t really missing out (or aware of what he’s missing, anyway) because of COVID. I know it must be much harder for older kids.

I listened to and enjoyed free range parenting proponent, Lenore Skenazy, on the Armchair Expert podcast. I was a pretty independent kid and I definitely want to try to instill independence in my kids.

Amazon Prime feels like a must have subscription to me with the amount of stuff I order, so the history of the Amazon membership model is fascinating.

Almond is out, oat is in…now which milk should we drink?

15 food hacks you might find useful

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