World Heart Day 2020: Keep your heart healthy with these simple tips

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Updated: September 29, 2020 4:40:55 pm

With the ongoing pandemic, there lies an additional health concern which we must not turn a blind eye to -cardiovascular disease. (Photo: Pixabay)

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) continue to be a leading cause of death across the globe. “As per reports from WHO, in 2016, 17.6 million people died from CVDs, comprising 31 per cent of global mortality. Unfortunately, the percentage of affected individuals has only surged over the years. This is exactly why it becomes all the more important to improve the health of the heart by incorporating changes, and in turn, mitigate the condition from worsening,” says Dr Prabhakar Koregol, Senior Consultant at Fortis Hospital, Bangalore.

Take a look at easy tips one can follow to keep their heart healthy:

Regular monitoring of blood pressure

This is the first and one of the important things one needs to do when keeping a tab on heart health. Dr Koregol says, “Some of you may be reluctant to self-monitor because of the fear of blood pressure being too high. Regardless of results, self-monitoring will help you understand the range and keep a check accordingly.” Also check out for these 10 warning signs for an unhealthy heart here.

Make sure you eat healthily

This goes without saying, after all, you are what you eat. Diet plays a critical role in heart health and can impact the risk of aggravating heart disease.  Dr Koregol suggests, “pay attention to what and how much of it you consume. It is advisable to incorporate fruits and vegetables in your diet that may help you cut back on higher-calorie foods, such as meat, cheese, and snack foods.”

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Working out is a must

Having a healthy life also means incorporating some form of physical activity in your routine. You don’t have to get into heavy cardio or weight lifting, Dr Koregl suggests, “if you are suffering from heart disease, it is advisable to do less intensive workouts and walk greater distances.”

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Follow your doctor’s advice

When we first notice any warning signs, the internet seems to be the best place for information — but that’s where you make the mistake of self-diagnosing the issue. Always consult your doctor and follow their advise.

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