20 Tips to ZOOM in Style, Be a Virtual Meeting Pro!


Today I’m sharing 20 secret tips to help you look more professional on your Zoom calls. I know with many of us working from home right now, you are probably doing Zoom calls either with family members, friends or coworkers, bosses, managers, you name it.

A lot of us are not used to working from home and a lot of you are not used to using Zoom as a tool for work, so we thought it would be really helpful to go through some key tips to help you look really professional on your Zoom calls.

So, let’s get started.


Tip 1- Stay in the center of the screen, the face should not be too low or too high. This is important or else it looks misappropriate.

Tip 2- Camera should be at face level and should maintain a distance of 30 cm or one arm distance. Your team members on zoom meetings don’t like to see you zoomed in or out faces.

Tip 3- Light should be in front of your face not behind the face. Well, why is it so? That’s a technical thing, let’s not go there. To be properly visible on the screen and to avoid ghost face it is necessary that light should be coming from the front onto your face not from behind.  

Tip 4- While using zoom on phone, phone should be in the landscape mode.

Tip 5- Background should be minimalistic, if possible use virtual background with your company logo. A busy background does not look appealing to the eyes and sometimes it can even get distracting for the team members.  

Tip 6- Try to see that nobody moves behind you, while your camera is on in a meeting, in case if anybody comes to switch off the camera and restart after the movement is done. Now, this is a major issue for someone who has a small kid or pet at home. It is better that you carve out a place that would keep you away from such distractions.

Tip 7- Keep the camera on, it is considered indecent to keep the camera off. The whole purpose of the Zoom meeting is to have a meeting with a voice with a video. If that was not the purpose of zoom then even phone calls can suffice the purpose of many meetings.  

Tip 8- Keep your mike on mute, when you are not speaking. It might cause distraction or sound pollution.

Tip 9- Remember to rename your name on the video screen.

Tip 10- Try being still, when your camera is on.

Tip 11- Eating is not considered decent, however, a sipping a cup of coffee is fine.

Tip 12- When you have to speak, speak in a normal tone. Do not speak loudly. As we are not used to this technology, people tend to speak in a high tone that’s not required and it is unpleasant to the listener.

Tip 13- Be on time or best be 5 minutes early for your virtual meetings. It is as important as it was in the physical meeting. Respect other person’s time.

Tip 14- Dress smart and appropriately, you might have to stand. This is an important aspect to keep in mind. Moreover, studies show that formal dress helps your brain to simulate the office space feel even at home. You will find it easier to concentrate on the meeting.  

Tip 15- When you are done, inform the team “I am done, Thank you”. Don’t just stop and let the team guess that you are done or no with what you have to say.

Tip 16- Stick to the time, do not exceed.

Tip 17- Always have a pen and paper handy. You may have to take notes of the important point in the meeting. It is always easy to take notes on paper than on an electronic gadget.

Tip 18- Check your battery power, mike, speaker, internet connection and camera are all up and running. It is better to prepare in advance than to deal with it at the meeting and feel ashamed for disrespecting another person’s time.

Tip 19- Be focused and avoid multitasking. It is generally seen that a person attending a virtual meeting easily gets distracted as it is difficult to clone the environment of official meetings over virtual meetings.

Tip 20- Prepare well for your presentation if you are presenting. Zoom meeting should be given same importance as that of physical meetings.

These were 20 tips that will help you to Zoom in style. Hope you find it useful and apply it in your next virtual meetings.

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